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April is quickly filling up with many events here at the restaurant along with new beer arrivals to our menu.  The weather is warming up in time for the start of baseball, the NBA and NHL Playoffs.  Our LCDs are always tuned to sports channels for everyone's enjoyment.

As mentioned before, Time Warner cable is currently not available in our area and it probably will take several months before we are able to offer the LA Dodger games at Downey Brewing.
Currently we offer the MLB Network which gives us access to over 85 MLB games per week.

This month the NBA Playoffs will see the LA Clippers and other teams aiming to reach the NBA Finals.  You can count on us showing all games on our many LCDS throughout the restaurant.
The NHL Playoffs will also start this month and both the LA Kings and the Anaheim Ducks will seek to reach the Stanley Cup Finals. 

UFC 172 will take place on April 26th with pre lims starting at 5 pm.  This card will feature the return of Jon Jones attempting to defend his title against Brazilian Phenom- Glover Teixeira.
As always we suggest you arrive early to ensure great seats at either the counter bar or on our tables and booths.

We just tapped in the following beers as we continue to open our draft menu to local breweries.

Stone 2013 Old Guardian Barleywine
Stone 2014 Imperial Russian Stout
Game of Thrones- Fire and Blood Red Ale
Game of Thrones- Take the Black Stout
Game of Thrones- Iron Throne

We have scheduled a Sam Adams Tap Take Over for the 29th of this month and in it we will feature 12 Draft Beers from Sam Adams.  This is a free event and company reps will be on hand to talk about the different beers offered and about Boston Beers.

Beers Confirmed:
Sam Adams Boston Lager
Sam Adams Cherry Wheat
Sam Adams Summer Ale
Sam Adams Grumpy Monk
Sam Adams Imperial Stout
Sam Adams Golden Yuzu
Sam Adams Imperial White
Sam Adams Hazel Brown
Sam Adams Rebel IPA
Sam Adams Juniper IPA
Sam Adams Double Bock
Sam Adams Angry Orchard

Special Beer Flights and Beer Specials will be available for all those in attendance.
To sign up for our "Guest List" which will allow access to our "VIP Area" please text your name to our co-ordinator Sergio at (323) 528-1045

Finally, American Craft Beer Week is right around the corner and we are dilligently preparing an awesome beer list for everyone to enjoy.  American Craft Beer Week runs from May 12 to the 18 and many bars nationwide are asked to use this ocassion to highlight the growing sector of Craft Brewers.  More details about our beers will be posted soon.

Have a Hoppy and Positive Month.


Walter Vazquez

Our Lunch Special at Downey Brewing.

Still Going Strong.
Thanks everyone for your support.
We've added more sausage selections to our menu.

Our Gourmet Sausage Menu.  

Served on a Brioche baked Roll with Grilled Peppers and Grilled Onions
and served with Cut Chips.  

Traditional Sausages

Bratwurst- Finely chopped Veal, Pork, and Coriander.
Bockwurst- Veal, Pork and a mix of spices.
Kielbasa- Polish for sausage. Pork, beef, and onions.
Spicy Italian- Finely chopped pork and a mix of spices.
Portuguese Pineapple-
Pork, Pineapple, Spices. 

Vegan Sausages

Vegan Mexican Chipotle-
Chipotle, onions and chili de arbol.
Vegan Kielbasa Tofurky- Tofu with onions and garlic.
Vegan Apple and Sage- Apples, potatoes, and sage. 

Specialty Sausages  

Spicy Mango & Jalapeno- Chicken and turkey mix.
Natural Sun Dried Tomato-
Chicken and Turkey mix.
Chicken and Cinnamon- Chicken mixed with spices and cinnamon.
Salmon and Italian Herbs-
Salmon mixed with Italian Herbs.
Salmon Chipotle- Salmon mixed with spices and chipotle peppers.

Game Sausages

Alligator & Pork Andouille-
hHickory Smoked Alligator meat with brown sugar, garlic,
paprika and spices.  Quite Unique!

Elk w/Apple & Port Wine-
The deeply rich flavor of North American elk is greatly increased with orchard fruits and port wine.

Pheasant with Cognac- Cognac gives depth and richness while select herbs with hints of mace complement the pheasant.

Rabbit with White Wine & Herbs- Rabbit with oregano, fennel and just the right amount of white wine.  A delicious sausage!

Duck with Bacon & Jalapeno-
Duck with finely chopped bits of bacon and jalapeno.  It’s got a nice kick!  

Sausages Produced by Chateau Royal & Field Roast

Oktoberfest 2011
Good Times at Downey Brewing.

           We always strive to express our gratitude for all the fans/patrons that
support us during our Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Football and Soccer Broadcasts
at the Downey Brewing.
           We love you all and we look forward to continuing to serve you in other events.
You make us and will continue to make us who we are!

Welcome to our Restaurant!

Home of DAS Boot
and the Stein Club!


Our Business Information is as follows:

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Our Email address is info@thedowneybrewing.com

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